"My life is my message."

Mahātmā Gandhi

What Is ADHD Really Like?

ADHD is probably not what you think. And that’s understandable, since most of the issues ADHD people face aren’t directly visible, or even known as ADHD symptoms to most people. So let me take the time to change that, and let people know what it can really be like to have ADHD, and why you can’t sum it up with getting distracted easily and being hyperactive. It’s so, so much more than that, and it’s so much harder to live with than it sounds.

What COVID-19 Deniers Tell Us About Our Society

The tensions in discourse about COVID-19 on social media are rising to an all-time high. While we should be taking care of each other and combatting the virus together, there’s a clear split between those who take the threat seriously, and those who deny that the virus is still a problem and call our safety measures nonsense. While that divide is already interesting in and of itself, I noticed that it tells us something very poignant about our society.