What Is ADHD Really Like?

ADHD is probably not what you think. And that’s understandable, since most of the issues ADHD people face aren’t directly visible, or even known as ADHD symptoms to most people. So let me take the time to change that, and let people know what it can really be like to have ADHD, and why you can’t sum it up with getting distracted easily and being hyperactive. It’s so, so much more than that, and it’s so much harder to live with than it sounds.

How Perfectionism Keeps Trying To Ruin Me

Time and time again, perfectionism has proven itself to be a worthy opponent. It used to control my life when I was younger, but even though it’s lost its all-encompassing power, it’s still one of my life’s greatest enemies, and one that this blog was designed to tackle. At the same time, perfectionism was also designed to tackle aspects of my life like my blog, and so the battles and skirmishes continue. I want to share with you a part of that struggle, which you can read about in today’s post.