What COVID-19 Deniers Tell Us About Our Society

The tensions in discourse about COVID-19 on social media are rising to an all-time high. While we should be taking care of each other and combatting the virus together, there’s a clear split between those who take the threat seriously, and those who deny that the virus is still a problem and call our safety measures nonsense. While that divide is already interesting in and of itself, I noticed that it tells us something very poignant about our society.

To Have, Or Not To Have Kids, That Is The Question

“Just wait until you’re older.” How often have you heard that when you told someone you don’t want children? I know of a dozen good reasons to not want children, regardless of your age. I’m about to voice some unpopular opinions on parenthood and children, but that’s what I’m here for. Changing the world one taboo at a time.