What COVID-19 Deniers Tell Us About Our Society

The tensions in discourse about COVID-19 on social media are rising to an all-time high. While we should be taking care of each other and combatting the virus together, there’s a clear split between those who take the threat seriously, and those who deny that the virus is still a problem and call our safety measures nonsense. While that divide is already interesting in and of itself, I noticed that it tells us something very poignant about our society.

On Patience And Perspective During The COVID-19 Crisis

In a time when pretty much all of us want nothing more than to be able to return to the way things used to be – hugging people and shaking hands and cutting loose at festivals – we’re all being put under a lot of pressure. Our patience is being put to the test, and I notice that many people are losing their perspective. In a war against an invisible enemy, many people turn towards a visible enemy: the government.