To Have, Or Not To Have Kids, That Is The Question

“Just wait until you’re older.” How often have you heard that when you told someone you don’t want children? I know of a dozen good reasons to not want children, regardless of your age. I’m about to voice some unpopular opinions on parenthood and children, but that’s what I’m here for. Changing the world one taboo at a time.

Why Are Vegetarians, Pescatarians And Vegans Looked Down Upon?

The debate between meat eaters and not-so-much-meat-eaters has pretty much always been a hot one. But recently I read a couple of arguments coming from meat eaters that had me scratching the back of my head. In this post, I delve a little deeper into the psychology behind those remarks, and why the not-so-much-meat-eaters generally are not held in such high regard.

“Hate the sin, love the sinner”

Around my blog, you’ll find several inspiring quotes attributed to Mahātmā Gandhi. I received feedback from a friend, who asked me the very valid question if it would be wise to include his quotes in my blog, considering his opinions on women and sexuality, among other things. In this post, I delve into not only why I’m keeping his quotes on my blog, but also what this arguably valid question says about the way we judge people for their actions.