Get In Touch

Why contact me?

So here’s my contact form. But I’m just a blogger, so why would you contact me?

Well, I just wanted to offer people the opportunity to get in touch with me if they have something to say that they’d rather say privately.

Maybe you want to give me feedback or (hopefully constructive) criticism. Maybe you want to tell me what my writing does to you, or why it doesn’t do anything at all. Maybe you disagree with me and you want to start a discussion. Maybe I’ve accidentally offended you and you want me to know that. That’s all fine, and that’s all very much welcome.

Alternatively, I’d like to encourage you to send me other blog posts, videos, articles, or whatever the heck you come across. Maybe it’s something that I didn’t know about yet that’ll change my mind, or maybe it’s something I can write about, or comment on.

I really appreciate your input, and I’d love to get in touch with you. I spend a lot of time roaming the internet all by me onesies already, but I would love for you guys to have some form of contribution as well.

Just throw at me whatever you want to throw at me, and just like with spaghetti, you’ll see what sticks and what doesn’t.

Spread the love!